It is important to make sure that the bottom seal of your garage door is not too withered off to maintain the energy efficiency of your home, not to mention the efficiency of the regular closing and opening operations of the door. It is very easy to ignore the bottom garage door seal if all other components of the door are working just fine. The bottom seal is critical to the smooth functioning of any garage door as well as its lifespan. You can try to replace garage door bottom seal on your own as it is not as risky as perhaps replacing garage door springs.

Replacing Bottom Seal – The First Steps

The first step in replacing your garage door bottom seal is to unscrew the nuts that may be rusted, especially if it is a steel garage door. You will need to use a special spray that allows for smooth unscrewing of rusted nuts. You need to replace the rusted nuts by new ones as the damage in some of them may be too severe to justify unscrewing. Get a saw machine to cut through such bolts and of course, new bolts to replace them. You now need to unbolt the track that holds the garage door seal in its place at the bottom.

Removing the Worn Out Seal

Once the track that holds the bottom seal is out of its fixture, you need to remove the worn out bottom seal. Make a vice grip on the most damaged parts of the seal first, clamp them tight, and then pull them out. You will need a knife to cut the part of the seal attached stuck to the track. The idea is to remove the badly worn out part of the seal first to then make a clear passage for sliding the rest of it out. When the track is clear, you can also use the special spray that you used for unscrewing the nuts and bolts. Allow the spray to go through the entire track if you want to slide the seal off without any trouble.

Sliding the New Rubber Seal In

You have your task cut out sliding the new rubber garage door seal in its track. Use a soap to reduce friction and keep tugging the rubber through the track till it is completely inside. You may have to widen the tracks if the rubber is a little thicker than usual, and you may still be unsuccessful. Get a helping hand from your friend or family. They will need to hold one end up as you slide the rubber through the garage door track. Of course, you need to find a lot of time to get this thing done.

You can always ring us up to get professional help for replacing your garage door bottom seal. Our technicians are adept at replacing any garage door component with no trouble at all. Our services are available 24/7 and our technicians can come to your home even during odd hours of the day during an emergency.