Garage doors tend to break down with time due to wearing off with time. The security of your garage door will really be affected if the door is not functioning well.

With this in mind, you can now see the reason why we are here. We want to make you are safe at all times.
Garage door repair Dallas technicians are well qualified and trained to be keen on customers individual needs. We can guarantee you this.

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What we offer?

With you in mind for our existence and continuity in business as a client, below are what we offer:

1. Garage door maintenance
Like any other machinery, your garage door needs to be serviced frequently and make sure of its functionality. A functional door is almost 100% safety guarantee. With this in mind all our services will always look at the following things for you:

a. Door tunes up. This involves normal checkups of the doors functionality, i.e. track, counterbalance system, its hinges, rollers wear and tear, all sections of the door and their effectiveness.

b. Check for loose bolts and nuts and adjust them
c. Oils and lubricating all movable parts and can wear off
d. Any movement on doors from original positions,
e. Checking on door pressure exerted by the force the door holds
f. Normal alignments on all equipment on the door more so the electronic parts.

2. Garage door opener repair

It can be very frustrating when you are in a hurry and your garage door opener refuses to open.

This will lead to time wastage and as the saying goes, it will lead to waste of money on your part. We at Garage Door Repair Dallas will take off this burden from your shoulder.

Garage door openers do break down often, but that does not warrant for its replacement. Our team of experts will repair if for you and return it to its functionality state. With your door closed, we can check the problem and advice if it’s the either rollers, tracts or even the springs that are faulty are repaired.

We will check and repair all components related to your door opener and you will not regret this.

3. Garage door remotes Repair

You need to know that your remotes should not be far away from the receiver. If this is the case, they will not function. A good remote control garage door is operated by heavy electronic gadgets and that’s why you should not go wrong by just picking on any person to handle it for you. We have employed qualified and experienced personnel that will check for you and advice accordingly. Because it can fail any time our team of experts work around the clock on a 24 hour basis to make sure you are served well. Our team will also check on the batteries and replace accordingly if they are worn out. Although rechargeable ones are termed environment friendly, its better to use alkaline batteries that are long lasting.

Having said all these, we look forward to your call for you to enjoy the services offered by our team of experts.