Are you troubled by a frozen garage door that is shut? Certain regions experience subzero temperatures and this can implicitly or explicitly affect the performance of your garage doors. Sometimes your entire garage doors may become shut due to snow and it can be very hectic to open them. Some homeowners or rather garage door clients have even claimed that the door does not open completely. If you are one of such clients whose garage door has been frozen, then you should not look further because Garage Door Repair Dallas is here to help you on How to Open a Frozen Garage Door That’s Shut. The following are some of the world class expert tips and step by step guidelines that will help you open your frozen garage door. They include, but not limited to, the following tips:

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Pull the emergency release cord
The first step that you should always do when your frozen garage door is shut is to use the emergency release cord. This will definitely allow you to try and open the garage door manually. If you don’t know about emergency release cord, then it simply means or rather refers to a red handle that normally hangs near the door at the assembly Center. It is prudent to note that it is risky to automatically open the door since your garage door opener can easily burn the motor.

Try and use your energy to pull up your garage door
The second step is trying to pull up your frozen garage door and try if the leverage that you impact on the door can break the ice seal completely. If your leverage is not enough, then you can do it with one of your close friends or anyone near you.

Scrape away ice using ice scraper
The best way of removing ice from your frozen garage door is by going outside and trying to scrap away ice using the ice scraper. Doing this will help to break the thin ice, which then helps to unstuck your door.

Use a hit gun
Another very significant and effective technique that will help you to unstuck ice from your frozen garage door is by aiming a heat gun directly at the bottom of your garage door as you continue to do so along the edge. Doing this will help to melt the ice without damaging the door and thus the best way of opening your frozen garage door. This technique is employed by Garage Door Repair Dallas.
Therefore, once your garage door is open, it is important to learn some other ways that will help you to avoid such things in the future. This will entail ensuring that you have cleared all the ice from the areas near your garage door. It is good to do this because the snow that is left in front of the door will melt during the day and freeze during the night thus keeping your garage door frozen again.