Proper maintenance of garage doors is important in ensuring they remain efficient for a long time. Failure to inspect your garage door can result in inconveniences which would call for repairs and replacements you could have easily avoided. Is it possible to perform garage door maintenance yourself? Yes! Some garage door maintenance tasks are easy and don’t require professional experience. As long as you are comfortable and observe safety, you can perform these essential tips for maintenance of your garage door.

garage door maintenance

Visual inspection
Check the springs, cables and rollers for any signs that indicate being worn out or frayed. Is the mounting hardware such as the hinges tight enough? Ensure that all the bolts are tight to hold the system in place. If you notice anything unusual such as broken springs, frayed cables or abnormal noise, enquire for the services of a technician.

Balancing of the door
If the door operates on an automatic door opener system, close the door and detach the automatic opener. Lift the door manually until halfway. It should open smoothly with effortless resistance and stand on its own. Falling of the door forcefully to the ground indicates the springs need more tension. If it flies open, the spring tension needs to be relieved. This calls for the services of trained personnel.

Reversing mechanism
The garage door is equipped with sensors as a safety measure against entrapment. Make sure both sensors are clear of dust and any debris for good functionality. If the sensors are clean, but the reversing mechanism still doesn’t work, the door should be serviced by a garage door specialist.

Lubrication of the garage door
It’s necessary to apply lubricant to the door hinges, rollers and tracks about three times every year. Only use a lubricant spray specially labeled for garage doors. Thick grease results in accumulation of dust and dirt in the moving parts; it’s recommended you avoid it. The dust and dirt create a sticky black paste that obstructs rolling of the bearings.

Weather stripping
Cracks and tears in the weather stripping allow snow and wind drifts into your garage. This can result into unregulated temperature, which might be difficult to control. The seal on your garage door should be tight enough. To ensure this, replace the stripping if worn out.

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