If your garage door is not in good working condition, this may pose a serious threat when it comes to security. Thus, you are actually required to undertake garage door repair each time you notice any kind of malfunction. There is also a great need to ensure that you have conducted regular garage door inspection on the garage door essential parts as this will highly boost the smooth running of its operations. In some cases, the problems affecting your garage door are inevitable. Garage door repair Dallas is fully committed in helping you identify such kind of problems and provide effective and long-lasting solutions.

garage door repair

Here are four popular garage door problems and its solutions:

1. Garage door remotes malfunction

In most cases, this problem emanates from the transmitter where the batteries could not be functioning after getting exhausted. Besides, the switches could have been disconnected as a result of power outage. This could make the garage door not to close or open properly. During garage door installation, you should ensure that such remotes are well installed and functioning well.


In order to solve this situation, you can check on the power source in order to ensure that the switch is well connected. You can also replace the exhausted batteries and check for the sensors and the motor to ensure they are operating well.

2. Loud squeaking noise during closing and opening of garage door

This is a common problem that can affect your garage door as a result of insufficient lubrication on the door hinges or the garage door springs. This can also be due to the presence of particles on the track, thus making the door not to close or open properly.

It is critical to ensure that you have applied garage door lubricants or standardized hardware lubricants on the garage door springs, rollers and the door hinges. You can actually run the garage door either upwards or downwards to ensure that to ensure that the issue has been tackled in the best way possible. For the debris, you can use a smooth brush to clean the entire area where the tracks and the rollers move until they can now operate efficiently.

3. The garage door does not open or close

If the garage door is automatic, the problem could be emanating from the switches, garage remote opener or the transmitter (due to exhausted batteries). For the manual garage door, you will realize that there could be obstacles along the garage door tracks. The cables and the springs could also be hanging unevenly.


There is need to replace the batteries from the transmitter in order to facilitate efficient operation of the garage door remotes. Actually, there is an amazing garage door offer from the garage door remotes Dallas which can help you in undertaking garage door repair. You should also remove all the debris that is located within the tracks in order to ensure that there is no obstruction when you are opening or closing the garage door.

4. Weather seals getting worn out

This is a problem that occurs when the garage door may be prone to insects, dirt and even water. This in turn may expose the weather seals to wear and tear which may ultimately affect their efficiency.


Interestingly, you will find the weather seals, simple to replace once you remove the old ones. You will just be required to stick a new strip (that is mostly made of rubber) at the edges of the door.
With those great tips for solving your garage door problems, you can comfortably undertake your DIY techniques for the garage door repair Dallas.